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Technology and list management

I'd like to add a piece of information that just might help some list
members manage their relationship with the Book Arts List, such as
unsubscribing or taking some time away from the list for vacation.

I have a "sub" email account attached to my husband's email account.
I have learned, through trial and error, that when I use an auto
email form on a web site that the email form enters my husband's
email address--not mine--as the sender. There might be a way to
change this in my preferences; I haven't tried. Instead I simply copy
the email address from a web site and send a message from my own
email account.

Following this logic, had I "unsubscribed" from the Book Arts List
using the auto-email form on the site, the computer would have tried
to unsubscribe my husband, who had never subscribed. And I would
still be subscribed, thinking I had done everything right...

Some other members may have a similar set up and run into this
obstacle. Maybe email accounts through a company, organization or
educational institution have similar or the same kind of set up? Just
a thought, hope it helps somewhere.
Julie Sullivan

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