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Re: Board shear information

In a message dated 9/20/00 8:11:08 PM, cstall@MAIL.SDSU.EDU writes:

<< Can anyone help with suppliers of Jacques, Ideal, Kuttrimmer, etc. board
shears? >>

Dear Claudia,
Since you are looking, I would recommend the Jacques Board Shear with the
iron top, if one is available. In my opinion, the older Jacques are the best.
The cutting arm is rigid due to its cast iron, angular shape. Also, the
Jacques has an adjustable yoke for the hub of the cutting blade. This
adjustment compensates for any minor changes to the cutting blade after years
of hard use.
 When you are looking at a shear, check for the thickness of the blades. They
should be about 3/8" thick. If they have been ground a number of times, they
should not be too much thinner. If they are too thin, you might encounter
difficulties in getting the blades set straight for a good cut. Ideally, only
one edge should be ground leaving the blade in its original full thickness.
The Jacques wooden top shear is OK, but the bottom fence is usually only
attached to the wood making it prone to movement as the wood changes
dimension. I am in the process of modifying the bottom fence for the National
Library of Medicine. Also, the wood top Jacques usually has a flat,
rectangular shaped, cutting blade support that flexes more easily than the
angular, cast iron model.

Two places that may have Jacques Board Shears available:

2350 Division Highway
Ephrata, Pennsylvania   17522
phone:  717-354-3091

150 Broadway
Elizabeth, New Jersey   07206
phone:  908-351-6906

At the Guild of Book Workers Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City next month, we
plan to prepare a video on other experiences with the Jacques. We hope to
make it available to members.

Hope this helps.  Good Luck.
Bill Minter

William Minter Bookbinding & Conservation, Inc.
4364 Woodbury Pike
Woodbury, PA   16695
fax 814-793-4045

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