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Re: Trade journals?

Not knowing those specifically, there are a few that might fit the bill.
Fine Print (Sandra Kirschenbaum, ed.); succeeded by Bookways (Thomas W.
Taylor, ed.); The New Bookbinder (Designer Bookbinders); Guild of Book
Workers Journal (The Guild of Book Workers); Canadian Bookbinders and Book
Artists Newsletter. The first two are no longer in print, the others are.
Non members of those organizations can order the journals. I have links to
the groups publishing those still in print from the "Book Arts Links" page
of the "Book Arts Web." It'll be under "Book Arts Organizations." URL in
footer of this message.

None of these journals are available online.

Hope this helps.


At 12:51 PM 9/21/00 EDT, you wrote:
>Hello, List!
>I have been surfing fruitlessly in search of trade journals or periodicals
>for book artists on the order of Lapidary Journal and Ornament for jewelers
>and Digital Fine Art for - you guessed it - digital fine artists.  Does
>anyone know of any?
>Elen Freelander
>New Mexico

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