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Trade Journals

Dear Book Friends
Although not targeted specifically at books, there are two full color
publications  I have found that cover bookarts on a fairly continual

Art On Paper, a beautiful full-color magazine which covers all works on
paper,  comes  out 6  a year, and has a regular column called Artist
Bookbeat by
Nancy Princinthal. This column reviews a wide range of work,  open
unnumbered editions to
and super high end Livres d'artist. Based in NY They can be reached at 39
E 78th Street
NYC 10021 212-988-5959 Its a bit pricey-$54/per year

Fiberarts Magazine which comes out quarterly I think  has been covering
more and more bookarts-Last year they covered with full color photos the
Bookarts Collective and their work-which has been disucssed on our list
as well.
They focus more on unique pieces but not exclusively. They also profiled
Maria Anasazi a
MD based artist working with altered books and reviewed an exhibition
last year in
Boston at Mobilia Gallery.I am pretty certain they have an 800 phone
number-but I
can't seem to but my finger on it right now.

A major document/resource/chronicle of bookarts  and mail art is Umbrella
editied by Judith Hoffberg-$18 /per year for individuals in the US (other
apply for institutions and those outside the US) PO BOX 3640 Santa Monica
CA 90408
It is black and white text oriented publication on blue paper, it's chock
full of information printed. Judith has been doing producing it for
years.... Its
also available on line thru colophon.com

JAB(Journal of Artists Books)  is also a black and white publication with
some photographic  illustrations of the books-not exclusively, but more
oriented toward offset editions,  it offers a lot of lively
discussion-fewer listings
more review and features. Editied by Brad Freeman and Johanna Drucker
$20/per year for individuals  in the US (other rates apply for
institutions and those outside the US) from
JAB c/o Nexus Press 535 Means Street, Atlanta, GA 30319

Miriam Schaer

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