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Skin Deep volume 10

Our apologies for the cross-posting of this message to other lists.

Volume 10 of Skin Deep, has just been published and is now availble for
viewing at our web site http://www.hewit.com/skindeep.htm

The Bookbinding 2000 conference, exhibition and trade fair was a remarkable
and unique event, bring together some of the World's
most well known craft and designer bookbinders.  The event was held in
Rochester, New York and as well as the many professional binders who
attended, there was a sizeable contingent of serious amateur binders, who
had taken time-out from their other 'jobs' to benefit from the wisdom and
experience of their peers.  The J. Hewit & Sons stall had many visitors,
including Richard Grant a man who in recent years has taken up craft
bookbinding.  After our return to London I saw an open letter from Richard
to the Internet's Book Arts List answering someone's enquiry about 'grain
direction' on paper, a topic which is vitally important in bookbinding.
Upon investigation, we then discovered that Richard had spent more than 30
years as a paper physicist, and persuaded him to contribute an article for
Skin Deep.  His excellent and informative article is in this issue.

As many of you will now know, Griffin Mill, the hand made paper
manufacturer has relocated to Ireland.  Chris Gibbs the Owner of the
Company, retells the amusing story of the relocation experience of  their
home, equipment and of course dog!

After twelve years with the Company, our London Warehouse Manager  Frank
Topper retires in February, and since this will be the last issue  of Skin
Deep to be published before he leaves, he has jotted down a few  words to
you all.

This issue of our newsletter, brings you the last in the 10-part series on
the Manufacture of Leather.  We have covered many aspects of the  business
of making leather from the purchase of raw materials  through to the
finishing of the final product.  We cover in this edition, the Warehouse
practices of the Edinburgh tannery and  explain how we size and grade the
skins prior to their despatch.

Happy Reading!

best wishes,


David Lanning
J. Hewit & Sons Ltd.
Tel: +44 (0)20 8965 5377
Fax: +44 (0)20 8453 0414

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