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Rebinding Newsletter collection

The local Genealogical Society has asked me to rebind a recent donation of
historical value: A complete set of the newsletter (1949-72) of a lumber
company no longer in existence. The 8-12 page bi-monthly publication, 8 1/2
x 11, coated paper, center stapled, was originally bound into three volumes
between redwood covers held together with leather thongs and/or shoelaces
tied through two quarter-inch holes drilled through the issues. The volumes
are from 2" to 2 3/4" thick and each contains from 60 to 80 newsletters,
216 in all.

 Over the years, many holes have torn and staples have rusted. The
Genealogical Society would like a more stable, permanent binding in order
to preserve the newsletters. While it might be nice to reuse the redwood
covers, I'm not sure it's the best thing to do. My tentative plan is to do
a traditional binding, center sewn on tapes, split boards covered with
Sunbeam Library Buckram from Gane Bros.,cloth inner hinges. The weight of
the books requires a strong construction. I haven't decided whether to
round the back or use a stiff flat spine for support.

At my suggestion, volunteers removed the 432 staples, leaving rust stains
in quite a few places. What is the best way to treat them?

I would like comments or suggestions on the above, onlist if you think it
will be helpful to others.

To conservationists on the list:

I'm going to suggest deacidification to the Society. I'm not equipped to do
it myself. (I once sprayed three years worth of a small newspaper with
magnesium bi-carbonate water and decided never again.) Can anyone give me a
ballpark estimate of the cost of deacidifying such a project? What method
is most effective? least expensive? Do the pages have to be separated?
Could a whole volume be treated in a gas chamber?

Please respond offlist.

Betty Storz   storz@mcn.org
Mendocino, CA

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