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Re: GBW Auction

In a message dated 9/24/00 10:09:19 PM, KarenC5071@AOL.COM writes:

<< I personally prepare advance placards with
brief descriptions, kindly e-mail me a BRIEF description along with your best
guess of the items' value so I can take care of advance paperwork.   >>

I think you can just do a sheet of info which we can transcribe to the
auction slips. Asking the value (and publishing it) can lead to big
problems...everyone has an inflated idea what their thing are worth. Things
are only worth what someone in the audience is willing to pay. I had some
very imbarassed people at the IAPMA auction in Italy this summer because of
what they said it was worth...ie. An American printmaker who gave us a priced
$350 print was very upset because the people there didn't get the puns and
story behind it....it only went for $70....after TOOTH PULLING and that bid
was from a friend who didn't want him to feel bad by going for less.

I can bring forms again if you wish. They are in my computer.

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