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Computers and books

Dear Friends,

After a recent experience showing and talking about my newest work and plans
for a rather complex book of images and text, I was given the suggestion that
I include audio on a CD to accompany the book. It was one of those "aha"
moments. I realized that the entire book, including audio, could conceivably
be done as a CD. Unfortunately, while I have some small experience in the
area of electronic manipulation of images, and I can imagine that it is
possible to do the entire book in this way, I really have no idea what I need
in terms of hardware, software, etc. Also not much idea whether such a book
would likely have the same (or similar) market appeal in artist book

To give slightly more information about the book itself (which is, as yet,
only a gleam in its parent's eye), I envision layers of images and text
composed of photographs, paintings, prints, drawings, journal entries and
poetry. All have been created in response to the Thomas Sadler Roberts Bird
Sanctuary in Minneapolis, where I have been walking and sketching for the
last four years. The only thing I have ever seen like this is a book I
encountered in the University of Cincinnati art library in the early 70's by
Joyce Wieland called "True Patriot Love."

It seems to me that a transparent quality would be possible through the
computer that would be much more laborous (and extremely expensive) to
produce through more conventional means. I would very much appreciate any
feedback or suggestions. Barbara Harman

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