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Re: Computers and books

>From: jim ann howard <jimann@BLOMAND.NET>

> When you hold a cd rom, can you feel the experience of the material it
> contains?
> Think carefully about your priorities and goals concerning this desire to
> translate your cumulative personal experiences into something to be
> experienced by others.
> The body electronic strokes the mind and gives the illusion of a contact
> that we are fast losing as a reality. Our ability to literally touch and be
> touched is being lost at the speed of life. Right this moment part of me it
> trying to touch you, but the part of me that feels touch is punching keys.
> I, personally, would far prefer to hold your book, or leave my fingerprints
> on the glass case that holds it
> Go with your heart.
> Jim Ann Howard
Excellent points. Excellent thoughts.

But, from the electronic side, which is where I spend many hours a
day, I can add a few additional thoughts. First, an (audio) CD of bird
sounds might be wonderful in this project, no matter how it's

Second, the Photoshop program creates its documents with many layers,
and they can be transparent and turned on and off (visible or
invisible) at will. They can be transparent, and so emerging images
can unfold, albeit electronically.

Finally, a CD version, although pretty much intangible, can sometimes
provide an important backup function, for peace of mind.

The interesting thing (to me) is that no matter the means of delivery,
the final experience is always: mind to mind.

Nancy B.
Perforated Lines --
                 -- you can't resist 'em!

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