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Re: Computers and books

>I realized that the entire book, including audio, could conceivably
>be done as a CD. Unfortunately, while I have some small experience in the
>area of electronic manipulation of images, and I can imagine that it is
>possible to do the entire book in this way, I really have no idea what I need
>in terms of hardware, software, etc.

Hello Barbara
The CD format can be a beautiful mutli media delight if handled with grace. I do not think of it as a replacement for a paper book any more than a film is. JAH has expressed their preference, but naturally there is within us different reasons for exploring different media. If I do not like clay that does not make clay an invalid media to produce or visually enjoy, and if I were to suggest strongly that another should not use or enjoy it, my opinion of everything else would appear short sighted as well. This returns us to the question of why we produce art, and how much influence the audience has in our conception. It is probably good to be aware of what our artistic output is asking of an audience, but not controlled by thoughts that might provoke. Should we poll for approval of media, content and style, or proceed with the idea that inspired us, and then allow its execution to seek its own admirers (and critics).
The making of a cd requires many programs, each doing there part of the overall concept/production, and then a program such as Macromedia Director that will assemble all those parts for you, including transparency, animation, sound.  You would need to scan and use Photoshop, or the like, to prepare and enhance your images, and/or create digital images and text using Director, Painter, Illustrator, Freehand, Rae Dream Design, etc., etc.  For audio and video inclusion you would need to have an appropriate av card, and quality import, as well as software to process the audio and video. Many machines are capable of this without any additional financial support, but others need hardware assistance.
Then there is the design difference between what is considered linear- a progression of numbered pages to be read or viewed in order, and the electronic ability to experience non-linearity- giving up control of direction and providing information paths for exploration....
Time and joy,

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