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Re: Computers and books

>It seems to me that a transparent quality would be possible through the
>computer that would be much more laborous (and extremely expensive) to
>produce through more conventional means. I would very much appreciate any
>feedback or suggestions. Barbara Harman

Sounds like an interesting project. How about transparent overlays using
mylar, "vellum" paper, Japanese papers... all of which have varying degrees
of transparency or translucency. You could have them flip from different
directions, left, right, top, bottom...

While Digital is convenient for many things, it's inherent ephemeral nature
would be a definite drawback to me, but then, I also like Dada, which is
also pretty ephemeral, but at least it's analog and you can watch it decay.
Digital may be gone with the stroke of a version number...

My thoughts.


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