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Re: Computers and books

Dear Friends,

To clarify: this series of works has been ongoing for over four years. There
already exist over 30 poems, a journal (over the last 2 years), 30+
monoprints, 10+ paintings and 4 artist books in a set. The books address
seasonal changes in the Sanctuary with color, structure, image and words. In
presenting the book and talking about it, I read the poems aloud. It was this
that prompted my audiance to suggest a CD of me reading the poems to
accompany the work.

It would be possible, of course, to do only that, i.e., to create an audio CD
that would be included as part of the completed artist book, in whatever form
it finally takes. But it occurred to me that everything could be done as one
and that it might allow for explorations of new media. The exploration itself
interests me, but also the economy of having all in one is seductive. I would
like to create an experience for others which could be entered on many
different levels and to the degree that the viewer desires at any given time.
At the same time, knowing that there is more, I would think, would be

I am not fearful that, were I to create such a 'book', it would cancel out or
in any way demean the sensual involvement I have with my one-of-a-kind and
editioned artist books. I don't feel the need to choose between one
technology and another. I want to use what will best serve the idea behind
the product. Barbara

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