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Re: Computers and books

To me the question here is not  "To Do or Not To Do?" but rather in the how.

Some time ago I had a video made to show the possibilities of my print show.
In the planning phase of the project, it was decided early on that this
would be a marketing tool not an educational piece. This distinction was
very helpful in deciding what to include. This same narrow focus should be
emphasized here as well.

Notice I said "had a video made". For us to venture out of our area of
expertise is tempting but very dangerous. We run the risk of mixing
professional and amateur. This is a profession separate from printing,
book-binding or all the other book arts. I strongly suggest seeking
professional guidance. This is a plea for us to support others as we wish to
be supported. I want the world to allow me to do what I do while I will
allow others to do what they do well.

To include items impossible to put in the printed book makes perfect sense.
To duplicate images or text from the printed form would bring into question
the integrity of the book.

Today marketing is everything. Using all the tools available to us in
marketing ourselves is not only intelligent, it is a matter of survival.

Go for it. Just make the CD as professional and unique as the Book.


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