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Re: Computers and books

Hi Barbara,

This has certainly created a large response, as I would expect. I'd like
to add a comment or two about CD versions of "books".

Form can and should carry content, technology aside. What part of a book
cannot carry the content you envision? -- Sound, interactive branching
into sub topics, and transparency (aside from Peter's idea about vellum,
which I have used and like very much) all seem to be the shortcomings of
a traditional book in the terms you've expressed for your project. You
might want to consider a CD "companion" to the book which adds ALL these
technologies atop the book itself. The layers you imagine could be both
in the book and the CD with the addition of "hot spots" (also known as
image maps) which might send the viewer into deeper details, sounds,
poems read by a professional actor, and other deeper tidbits that are
difficult or inappropriate for the book's form.

I like the idea of "play" in your description (or was it my reading?)

sounds like fun, wish I had more projects like yours

Darryl Baird

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