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Re: Computers and books

At 02:32 PM 9/25/2000 -0400, tsreynol wrote:
>yes if its the only way I can see it. Sometimes the electronic form is the
>only way to see a book which is destroyed or make it available to the
>general public.

Or one that's non-existent! So far, anyway. I posted the URL for that
imaginary book of mine a couple of weeks ago. There's the original site...


...which recently got transformed into an incunabulum in PDF format...


...and which, as of a couple of days ago, you can now see a "photo" of the
only "three surviving copies" of here...


And all of that, in electronic format, is the only way that this "book" has
ever been -- all just imaginary, or virtual (so far, anyway).

At 01:42 PM 9/25/2000 -0500, Peter Verheyen wrote:
>So, then is it still a book, or something else? What about the properties
>of bookness?

I don't know -- how'd I do on the above? I'm still working on the smell. ;)

At 03:06 PM 9/25/2000 -0400, Barbara Harman wrote:
>To clarify: this series of works has been ongoing for over four years. There
>already exist over 30 poems, a journal (over the last 2 years), 30+
>monoprints, 10+ paintings and 4 artist books in a set. The books address
>seasonal changes in the Sanctuary with color, structure, image and words. In
>presenting the book and talking about it, I read the poems aloud. It was
>this that prompted my audiance to suggest a CD of me reading the poems to
>accompany the work.

Actually, you might look into PDF as a format (which you could make
available on a CD, of course). You can include audio and video, all kinds
of formats for additional, supplementary files, and a PDF looks *exactly*
how you want it to look, and prints out how you want intended it to look --
in contrast to web pages (for example) where everything is totally
dependent on the user's monitor, browser, etc.  See the above PDF that I
did for an example of what I mean, if that helps.

Ron :)

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