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suitable paper?

  John, and all those who do quarter and three quarter bindings-- Take a
scrap piece of your paper for a test- make an X on one side of it, coat
the other with a thin layer of cellugel, klucelG, or whatever, let it
dry.  Then wax it with a thin application of Renaissance wax, or the
like, buff it a little with a soft cloth.  Depending on the shade of the
paper, it may darken slightly, but the end result should be a hard,
water resistant, somewhat shiny surface that doesn't scuff easily.  The
X will tell you which side to paste out for application.  This will also
work to protect marbled papers, but, depending on the pigment, it may
cause some blurring or smudging of the marbling, so test it out first.
  Dorothy Africa

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