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Re: suitable paper?

In regards to finding a suitable paper for using on the exterior of a
binding, my question would be, "what is its intended use?" I.e. something
which will be handled a lot, a precious edition binding which will sit in a
box... I have some all paper, bradel  (German case) bindings that I covered
in Ingres, some in pastepapered permalife..., that I haven't treated in any
special way, i.e sat on shelf, behind shelf, things on top... The paper
shows rubbing, in some cases worn through at the lower edge, but I also
have cloth and some leather (very thinly pared tips) bindings with the same
wear characteristics.

Try out different papers, think about how the book may be used, and chose
from there. If you're really worried about an indestructable (well almost)
book, try covering in Tyvek. It can be colored with acrylics in similar
ways to pastepapers.

While your at it, make sure the other components of the book are sound too,
i.e. sewing; endsheet attachment; linings... It all adds up.


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