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Re: Book snakes

Thank you, Terry, for your comments.

>Even well-made book snakes are eventually going to wear out, and the
>thought of loose BBs is unappealing.

It's a thousand times worse than playing 52-pick-up with a deck of cards!
>If you put enough BBs into the tube to make it sufficiently heavy, they'll
>all run down to one end of the tube or the other, so you'll need to
>compartmentalize your tube into several leak-proof compartments.

I actually "quilted" the tube after it was loosely filled. It remained
flexible and is not too heavy. (Too much trouble if you're making sankes in
quantity.)I made another wider one to drape over the spine of books while
the lining or hollow back dries.
>>The drapery departments in fabric stores sell (or used to) little lead
>>balls encased in cotton to slip into the hems of curtains of draperies so
>>they would hang better.
>We thought of this one, but we couldn't find an American source for
>cotton-encased lead balls (or cotton-encased any other sort of metal, for
>that matter). Let me know if you do find one.

See Susan Lightcap's post. Ask at a large upholstery shop of drapery
department of a fabric store, such as New York Fabrics.

Thanks, again,

Betty Storz   storz@mcn.org
Mendocino, CA

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