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The Ink Shop Printmaking Center

<fontfamily><param>Lucida_Sans</param><bigger>I'd like to introduce the
list to a new printmaking and book arts in Ithaca, New York.  We opened
the center in May.  So far, we've published a series of three
broadsides with the Saltonstall Foundation,  and have two more projects
in the works.  We'll be doubling our space in October.  We have: two
etching presses: one litho press; three+ cabinets of lead and wood
type, two proofing presses, and are looking for a Vandercook or similar
press; and four Mac computers with various graphics software.  I've
included the information from our brochure about our shop,
memeberships, and our fall class schedule.  Please come visit us and
check us out on our website.=20





</bigger></bold><bigger>120 BRINDLEY STREET, SUITE 4

ITHACA, NY 14850




</bigger></center><bold>The Ink Shop Printmaking Center </bold> is a
not-for-profit printmakers' center, fine arts press and gallery that
offers professional facilities for the making of fine  prints. The shop
provides a range of equipment including etching and lithography
presses, a proofing, letterpress and computer-imaging equipment. The
<bold>Olive Branch Press</bold> publishes fine print editions and
handmade books.

As a regional resource for printmaking, <bold>The Ink Shop</bold> holds
workshops for professionals and the community. It also organizes
collaborative projects, group and  exchange exhibitions. The Ink Shop
maintains a slide registry of its artists as a resource for collectors
and curators.=20


<bold>As a Printmaker Associate

</bold>For professional printmakers. An artist can become a Printmaker
Associate by submitting a resume and samples of work in the form of a
portfolio, slides, CD or other means to be juried by the Artist
Committee. Printmaker Associate candidates must show competence in one
or more aspects of printmaking and be willing to take an active part in
the shop, either teaching classes and/or acting as part-time shop



* Unlimited access to the shop during posted hours

* Eligible for inclusion in group shows

* Free admission to any, class, lecture, master class or workshop

* Inclusion in group portfolios

* Inclusion in the slide registry and artist information file

* Opportunities for exchange exhibitions

* Semi-annual newsletter

* Discounts on : prints, paper end books

* Inclusion in group supply orders

* Opportunity to collaborate on special projects=20


* Attendance at general meetings

* Act as shop manager o 1 a regular basis

* Serve as chair or member of committees

* Qualified artists participate in editioning for other artists on a
fee basis

Cost: $300 per year (Senior/Student Discount, $250)


<bold>As an Artist Associate

</bold>For those artists not professional printmakers, who feel that
they need some supervision or technical help In producing their prints,
the Artist Associate category entitles them to open access during
supervised posted hours.


-Access to the shop during posted supervised hours

-Discounts on, classes, lectures, workshops

-Semi-annual newsletter

-Discounts on  TIS/OBP prints, paper and books

-Opportunities for inclusion in group exhibitions and portfolios

-Inclusion in slide registry and artist information file

-Inclusion in group supply orders



-Act as shop technician when required

-Serve on Committees

Cost: $200 per year (Senior/Student Discount, $150 )


The Ink Shop </bold>also offers opportunities on a fee basis for the
use of the shop and for whatever degree of supervision or assistance is
needed for special projects, from editioning prints to workshops or
studio tours custom designed for in individuals or recreational groups.
Please call the shop to make a reservation for etching presses, litho
press or computer.

<bold>Shop Rental</bold>: Printmakers can rent a press for  one day a
week for a one-month period at a rate of $80 per month. <underline>You
must know how to use the press and accompanying equipment.
</underline>Prior to

rental, the printmaker must arrange a meeting with one of the staff to
show his/her prints and discuss his/her needs in using the printshop.

<bold>Studio Tutorials</bold>: Three-hour tutorials are available for
$50, covering any aspect of printmaking or printshop use you are
interested in learning. An additional materials fee may be required.

<bold>Press Assistant</bold>: An artist can arrange to work with one of
the Printmaker Associates or shop assistants in setting up the printing
area and the press for printing, provide technical information about
the press and about studio procedures The cost of an assistant is $10
per hour and is separate from the shop rental fee.

<bold>Proofing and Developing Printing</bold>: In collaboration with
the artist, the printer will assist in setting up the printing area,
mixing inks, inking plates, running the press and providing technical
informa-tion for the development of the printing procedures for
editioning. The fee is to be arranged with the printer.

<bold>Edition Printing/Olive Branch Press:=20

</bold>Prints can be editioned from already prepared and proofed
plates. A "bon a tirer" print will be pulled and with the artist's
approval, the edition will be pulled by the printer. The printer's fee
is $15 per hour, in addition to studio rental fees. The printer will
receive a printer's proof, and one print from the edition will become
part of the Olive Branch Press Archives.

<center><bold><bigger>FALL 2000 WORKSHOPS

Books.</underline></bold><underline>  September 30, (Saturday) 10-4
with lunch break.</underline>  In one day, create a handmade book for
use as a journal, sketchbook, or scrapbook.  Learn to fold and assemble
pages and construct a custom hard cover binding.  Samantha Couture,
Instructor.  General public, $55.  Associates, seniors, students, $45.=20
Materials, $15.

<bold><underline>The Artist's Book</underline></bold><underline>.=20
September 17 &24 and October 1 & 8, (Sundays) 1-4pm.</underline>  Two
sessions at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum on the Cornell campus (9/17 &
10/8), and two sessions at The Ink Shop (9/24 & 10/1).  Express your
personal story in a One-of-a-Kind Artist Book.  Participants will use
lithographic transfers, chine colle and letterpress techniques to bring
together a story in unique books.  Christa Wolf, Instructor.  Please
note: This class is offered through The Herbert F. Johnson Museum.=20
Please contact them directly for registration information.

<bold><underline>Handmade Books</underline></bold><underline>.  October
5 through November 9, (Thursday evenings), 6-9 pm.</underline>  A
hands-on workshop to introduce traditional and contemporary
bookbinding.  Participants will make several books, from journals to
large albums and scrapbooks.  All aspects of bookbinding from design to
construction will be covered.  Samantha Couture, Instructor.  General
public, $220.  Associates, seniors, students, $180.  Materials, $45.

<bold><underline>Linocut Class: Positive and Negative Space.
</underline></bold><underline> October 14-15 and 21-22. (Saturdays and
Sundays), 1-4pm.</underline>  Explore the art of Linocut.  Ready to
activate our vision of positive and negative spaces, we will study the
creative possibilities of cutting a plate and printing in black and
white and in color.  We will approach different methods such as
reductive and additive design and rainbow rolls.  Christa Wolf,
Instructor.  Please Note: This class is offered through the Community
School of Music and Arts.  Please contact them directly for
registration information.

<bold><underline>Designing Your Own Website.=20
</underline></bold><underline>October 28 & 29, (Saturday 9-4, Sunday
10-4, with lunch break).</underline>  Web guru Stan Bowman will conduct
a weekend workshop on designing web sites geared especially to the
special requirements of visual artists using Dreamweaver on Saturday,
and/or Flash (includes animation techniques) on Sunday.  Stan Bowman,
instructor. General public, $135.  Associates, seniors, students, $108
for two days.  One day only: $85/$70.

<bold><underline>Albums.</underline></bold><underline>  November 18,
(Saturday) 9-2:30 with lunch break.</underline>  Participants will
create their own custom albums, for displaying photographs and other
memerobilia.  Fundamental bookbinding techniques and archival care of
photographs will be covered.  Samantha Couture, instructor. General
public, $55.  Associates, seniors, students, $45.  Materials, $15.


</italic><underline>Non-Acid Etching.=20
</underline></bold><underline>September 23, (Saturday)</underline>  We
will explore the new cupric salt method (no toxic fumes or Hazmat
disposal problems!) for etching on zinc plates. Open to those with
basic experience in printmaking.  Leslie Eliet, instructor.  General
public, $55.  Associates, seniors, students, $45.  Materials, $15.

<bold><underline>Flexible Litho Plates.</underline></bold><underline>=20
November 4-5, (Saturday and Sunday), 10-2.</underline>  New flexible
litho plates that can be drawn on or laser printed which go straight to
the press.  No aluminum plates required!  Workshop includes
demonstration and lab time.  Greg Page, instructor.  $135 general
public, $108 members, seniors, students, plus $15 materials fee.


</italic></bold><underline>Stan Bowman</underline> is Professor
Emeritus from Cornell who creates computer animation and consults on
web-site design.

<underline>Samantha Couture</underline> is a 2000 MFA graduate of
Cornell and is our first H. Peter Kahn Fellow for The Ink Shop.

<underline>Leslie Eliet</underline> is a former member of Chicago
Printmakers' Collaborative and has printed at the Women's Studio
Workshop in Rosendale, NY.

<underline>Greg Page</underline> is Professor of Printmaking at Cornell

<underline>Christa Wolf</underline> is an internationally known
printmaker and book artist who has trained in Berlin and at Cornell.


</italic></bold>To register for classes or workshops: Please send a
check for the class fee along with the attached registration form to
The Ink Shop up to one week before the start of the class or the
workshop.  Cancellations will be accepted and refunds given up until
<italic>three days</italic> before the start of the sessions, but fees
will not be refunded after that date.  Please call <bold>(607)
277-3884</bold> or e-mail <bold>Artists@ink-shop.org</bold> us for more
information or to make reservations for workshops or tours.



Please mail this form with fee to:=20

<bold>The Ink Shop Printmaking Center    120 Brindley Street, Suite 4,
Ithaca,   NY 14850




<bold><bigger>Samantha A. Couture

</bigger></bold>1002 1/2 North Tioga Street

Ithaca, NY 14850


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