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Paper deacidification

Greetings to the List.

>From discussions which occasionally come through on the List, we note
that many conservators use calcium carbonate as a deacidifier of paper
materials.  Others use calcium hydroxide.  Still others use magnesium

We ourselves use calcium hydroxide, and we made this decision after
reading the various researches on the subject, published some years ago
in (from memory) The Paper Conservator.  At the time, we went into it
quite closely, and weighed up the pros and cons, including the fact that
we don't have bottled carbon dioxide to hand for the magnesium
carbonate process.  (We do have the hoses and pressure gauge setup which
is used with carbon dioxide, but we have not taken the next step of
purchasing the gas itself!)

Since deacidification is so important, would the learned members of the
List wish to comment on one or other of these substances as an effective
deacidifier?  Have there been further researches which show more
effective new products?

I hope that this subject lies within the realms of the List.

Peter Krantz.
Book Restorations.

Established 1976

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