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Re: Paste Paper

Micro-crystalline Wax (Renaissance Wax) Sc6000 (Acrylic paste wax), Krylon
(Acrylic spray). The Micro-crystalline Wax dries very nicely and doesn't
leave streaks. The SC6000 goes on, but can leave streaks, especially if
applied too thickly. Krylon is nice, but I find it leaves a smell for a
while. Use the mat stuff, not shiny. Talas sells the first two as well as
Klucel G and Methylcellulose. <http://www.talas-nyc.com>

Others have used beeswax, Klucel G, Methylcellulose.

What are you trying to protect it from?

"Mop in Glow"? Yikes. Where do people get these ideas?

All colored papers will fade. Rule of nature.


At 11:09 AM 9/29/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Paste paper is addictive!!! Has anyone discovered any protective medium
>that can be used on paste paper that is used for the book covers? I have
>seen and used mop in glow, and Mod podge, but don't like the brush marks
>which result.
>Also - is there a black paper out there that doesn't fade?
>Thank you,

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