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Re: Masters Programs in Book Arts?

In a message dated 09/28/2000 3:55:53 PM, platosh@HOTMAIL.COM writes:

<< I am currently living in the Pacific Northwest, in Portland Oregon. I am
pretty sure there's not much in the way of Book Arts or Printmaking here, >>

I know your question was about Master's programs but I must say there is a
LOT going on in Book Arts in Portland. Have you talked to people at Oregon
College of Arts and Crafts. Their program is a BFA in Book Arts but they
should be able to advise you about Master's programs. And in general--
Portland is a hot bed of activities in the book arts. We just finished a
national book biennial, are planning for a summer conference, have a
newsletter at the printers--lots is going on.
Patricia Grass

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