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I recently purchased from Ingrid Weimann a relatively new book by the
Turkish artist Hikmet Barut=E7ugil entitled "Renkelerin Sonsuzlugu- Infinity
of Colours"  It is written in both English and Turkish, and is lavishly
illustrated with mostly Hikmet's work.  It has a lot of interesting
technical information about using Gum Tragacanth, and grinding pigments by
hand, recently discussed on the marbling list.  It is probably the best
technical description that I have seen of this method in English to date.
Some translations are a little rough, and there are a few mispellings, but
there are some very nice diagrams, and it is generally easy to understand.
It is produced in Turkey by Yasar Egitim ve K=FClt=FCr Vakfi (Yasar Education
and Culture Foundation), 1999.

Edition with tip-ins and printed marbled flower endpaper $90.00 + $10

Deluxe edition with original marbled endpapers  $125.00 + $10 shipping.

and 2 deluxe copies, one with a creased endpaper,the other a small smear on
a page.

$100.00 + $10 shipping.

All copies are signed by Hikmet.

She said she has about 10 or so left.

She has another book as well that just features Hikmet's work.

As well as one other book...

Ingrid also mentioned that she still has a number of copies of the book tha=
she produced about her late husband, "Chris Weimann- a Tribute".  Chris was
one of the most extraordinary marblers of this century.  He experimented
with many different marbling methods, coming up with using a mixture of
carragheenan and methyl cellulose with acrylic paints.  He is also rightly
credited with discovering, and proving the methods used in what are
collectively known as the Deccani Stencil-Resist marbled paintings.  The
research was carried out on select paintings from the collection of the lat=
Sir Edwin Binney III,  at the LA County Museum where Chris was a guest
researcher.  The book includes articles by Ingrid, Woodman Taylor, Norma
Rubovits, and has a reprint of Chris' article from Fine Print magazine
detailing the methods he used to reproduce some of the paintings.

For more information, please enquire with Ingrid Weimann directly-

1058 1/2 So.Orange Grove Ave
Los Angeles, Cal.90019-6509

Benson's Hand Bindery
Fine Bookbinding, Conservation, and Hand Marbled Papers
1319 B Summerville Ave.
Columbia S.C. 29201

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