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MAgneisum bicarbonate and limewater in the kitchen

Quick and easy:
Pour a  small spoonful of milk of magnesia or a crushed indigestiion tablet
( In Oz we have Rennies and Quikeze) into a bottle of mineral water or soda
water from which you have taken a small swig. Any excess will sink to the
bottom. Dilute with bottled water.  Enough to do a small book.

The fizz is exciting too.

There's probably a bit of aluminium hydroxide formed too but I cannot see
why it should matter.

My quick and easy limewater.

Use a glass oven dish. Sprinkle a little garden lime (Calcium carbonate),
about half an ounce (15 grams) over the bottom and leave in  a warm oven
for about an hour. When taking it out wear goggles and rubber gloves as you
have converted some of the lime to calcium oxide.  Turn out onto
greaseproof paper, cool and pour down a paper funnel into bottle of cool
boiled water (to get rid of the carbon dioxide, chlorine etc) . Top up the
water and seal.  Label the bottle in large writing using a 6B pencil. Rub a
little wax in to the label to seal it.

Put the used paper in your compost bin.

Shake whenever you think of it for a few days.    Carefully pour off some
of the clear fluid and dilute about one in five to use with paper.

Add some more water when you have finished, shake and stand.  The white
residue will dissolve a bit more and the bottle is  ready to use again.
keep carfeully sealed so carbon dioxide  is kept out.

A cheap pH meter from a garden center should be OK to test the fluid.
Make sure you dry it  carefully after use.

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