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challenge machinery eyelet punch?

Has anyone ever heard of a Challenge machinery eyelet punch? I found one at
an antique store and was thinking of buying it since Challenge makes book
binding equipment. I have a Challenge guillotine and thought the punch would
be a nice "collector's item". However, I'm not positive that the machine is
definitely an eyelet punch. It is about 1.5' tall including the handle. When
you pull the handle down, two small cylinders (about the diameter of two
matchsticks held together) come together... It is made of cast iron and a
nice looking machine (dated 1890). It does have an identifying plate, but it
is so faded that you can only read "Challenge Machinery" and "1890"!  If
anyone has ever seen such a thing, I'd really appreciate your input on what
it is and how it was used.
Thanks so much,

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