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In case anyone is interested in bidding on some embossed pigskin on ebay. I
was contacted by the seller and said that this might be a good venue.

The URL for the auction is <

Messages received are below.

>All 3 numbers on the hides are the same size but the first 2 are
>underlined. I will send you some pictures with this email.
>Kind Regards,

At 03:28 PM 9/23/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Hello Peter:
>Can I send you a sample to examine? I want to be sure I fairly describe
>the hides since I'm not that familiar with how they are graded. I believe
>that they are splits. I sold Hartman Leather goods in the past and I'm
>familiar with a few terms in the leather trade. I know that some hides are
>tanned and others varnished. I think that these are varnished. There are
>also Numbers on the back of the hides, ex. 146, 150, 160. I don't know
>what theses mean they could be square footage? 14.6 SQ. FT. 15.0, and 16.0
>but I'm guessing. Are you familiar with this number system is it an
>industry standard?
>Thanks again for all your help.
>Kind Regards,
>Jeff Brooks
>Lakeland, FL 33803-1228
>             <brooks1920@mpinet.net>

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