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Typocrafters agenda is announced

The Typocrafters annual gathering is set for Friday, 3-Nov, to Sunday,
5-Nov, in St. Louis, Missouri.

:: Highlights of the gathering:

Friday evening: Buffet at the private press The Printery. You can pull the
bar of an 1840 Albion to print your own copy of the official Typocrafters
keepsake. You can see all important editions of Ben Franklin's
autobiography, as well as "leaf books" from great 15th- and 16th-century
printers and examples of 18th- and 19th-century printers' manuals and

Saturday morning: Two presentations at Washington University's Special
Collections Library: one on its extensive collection of books on the
history of printing (with landmark volumes on display), and the second on
the library's recent acquisition of the Triple Crown--the complete runs of
the Kelmscott, Doves, and Ashendene press books with a large collection of
collateral material.

Saturday afternoon: Three presentations: "Give Me That Old Type Tradition:
Fine Typography Using Modern Tools," "The Last Great Era of Marbled Papers
(1850-1900) and Some Thoughts on Their Use Today," and "Books About Books,
Press Books, and Assorted Tom Foolery." Plus exchange of keepsakes.

Saturday evening: Cocktails and dinner, with special presentation on
American almanacs, focusing on the tall tales, lurid graphics, and bizarre
typography in the mid-19th-century Crockett Almanacs.

Sunday morning: Breakfast and review of Washington University student work
using the latest in metal and electronic composition.

:: The fee is $85.00 per person; it includes the Friday night buffet, all
talks, presentations, and transportation between events, as well as the
Saturday night dinner.

:: The Kirkwood Inn, a Best Western facility, will be headquarters for the
gathering. A special room rate of $70.00 per night, which includes a
continental breakfast or a discount on a hot breakfast, is available until
Wed, 4-Oct. Call the inn at 314-821-3950 and ask for the Typocrafters
special rate.

:: The Typocrafters was founded in Chicago in 1937 by J. L. Frazier and
others interested in "the art and craft of printing and its history, type
and typography, fine books, great printers, lettering, and binding."
Meeting mostly in the Midwest, the Typocrafters has met annually with the
exception of a few years during World War Two. There are no bylaws, no
official membership, no dues, no officers, and no ceremonies. Some
attendees produce a keepsake for exchange, others do not. One of the
reasons Typocrafter gatherings have endured is that they demand nothing
more from an individual than to have an interest and to show up.

:: I can sent a two-page pdf (a more detailed description and registration
form) to folks who are interested--please ask off-list. Or you may contact
Kay Kramer of The Printery at (voice) 314-821-1465 or (e-mail)

:: I hope to meet many of you there.

Dan Franklin
Village Typographers, Inc.
Libertas liberque

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