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Re: Computers and books

Barbara Harman wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> After a recent experience showing and talking about my newest work and plans
> for a rather complex book of images and text, I was given the suggestion that
> I include audio on a CD to accompany the book. It was one of those "aha"
> moments. I realized that the entire book, including audio, could conceivably
> be done as a CD. Unfortunately, while I have some small experience in the
> .......


I realize my response is a bit late (got a little behind on reading all my
email) but I thought I would respond from the technical since that is one area I
can claim expertise. On the book binding side I am still very much an amateur.

I work with PCs, Macs, and Unix systems at work. You can use any of them to
create a CDROM that is readable by all. Though I would only worry about the Mac
and PC. The macintosh is still my favorite platform for creating multimedia of
any variety. The new macs can be gotten with what is called a DVD-RAM drive
which is a writable DVD drive that creates DVDs that can read by many CD drives.
And there are CD "burners" and burner software available for both mac and pc

However, the larger problem is what file formats and readers you use to create
the "book". As some have mentioned, text, and jpeg file formats have a have a
decent lifespan but may not be rich enough to create what you are describing.
Depending upon how you want your layers of transparency to unfold, pdf files may
not be rich enough either. I have seen some incredible "book-like" creations
using tools like Director which is a multimedia creation tool that use lots of

I would strongly suggest you explore the web, multimedia sites, and multimedia
mail lists to further your understanding of what different pieces of software
are capable of before committing to any one thing. The worst thing to do is to
spend lots of money and time on something that doesn't allow you to create the
vision you have.


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