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Re: Spray-Mount

Don't know whether spray mount is acidic or what plasticizers are in it,
but it is impermanent, and does fail after a while, i.e. the glue loses
it's adhesive properties and things start to fall off. I've seen this from
a wide variety of manufacturers on all sorts of different papers and other

You might want to consider Gudy-870. It's made by Neschen (Filmoplast...)
and is an acid-free/solvent-free acrylic adhesive. It even passed the Photo
Activity Test. Comes in a roll with a silicone paper carrier. Cut to shape
you need, apply, lift carrier, and smooth out/apply pressure. It's also a
lot neater than spray mount. Cost from Gaylord (others carry it too) for a
roll 12" x 33ft is $30. More than spray mount, but...


>I was wondering if there is such a creature as archival spray mount? or
>any archival spray adhesive?

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