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Marbling books, and a death

Ingird Weimann has related to me that she no longer has copies of "Infinity
of Colours" by Hikmet Barutcugil.  She still has several copies of  "Colors
Dancing on Water"  by Hikmet Bey.  If you are interested, please enquire
with Ingrid directly at floatingcolors@aol.com.   For those interested in
copies of "Infinity", you should refer to Dawson's Book Shop:


or write to Hikmet Bey directly at Ebristan@ebristan.com   Ingrid still has
copies of her book "Chris Weimann- a Tribute", about her late husband's

On a sadder note...

It has been related to me now from several sources that N=FCsret Hepg=FCl,
dubbed the "Ebrulog" by the late master marbler Mustafa D=FCzg=FCnman, has
passed away in the last couple of months.  Nusret Bey was well known for
collecting copious quantities of marbled paper examples from many parts of
the world, and helped to create a timeline of the art as it was beleived to
have been practiced in Turkey.  In 1997, he gave a presentation at the
International Marbler's Gathering in Istanbul, and led a tour of marbling
collections at the S=FCleymaniye K=FCt=FCphanesi at that time.  He donated his
entire collection to S=FCleymaniye, to be made available for research.

I am personally very thankful to have known this man, as he was very kind
and gracious to me on numerous occaisions when visiting him at his home in
Kizil Toprak, on the Anatolian side of Istanbul.  His sometimes candid
insights into marbling methods and history went well beyond the conventiona=
ideas commonly encountered among contemporary craftsmen, espousing an
internationalism that transcended nationalistic attitudes.  He in turn,
credited the late Chris Weimann with inspiring him to better document the
available evidence in Istanbul.  In preparation for the visit of Chris' and
Stefan Ipert in 1987, he composed a guidebook for those interested in old
marbling, to be able to visit collections in Istanbul and observe the early
evidence for themselves.  He updated this guidebook again in the early 90's=
but as I understand, it remains unpublished.  Perhaps that shall yet be
remedied, Insh'allah!

Jake Benson

Benson's Hand Bindery
Fine Bookbinding, Conservation, and Hand Marbled Papers
1319 B Summerville Ave.
Columbia S.C. 29201

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