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Thanks to everyone for their responses on spray-adhesives.

on 10/4 Peter wrote:
>You might want to consider Gudy-870.
and Susan Lightcap wrote:
>Product 347 from Specialty Tapes in WI

Those are great suggestions, and I am aware of both those products-I have
used them in the past. I was looking for the immediacy  of spraying and
the control/lack of control you can have with spraying along with the
fact that I need to do this to 100 pieces.  So I immedately fascinated by
Paul Werner's post:

> Skim milk. Powdered milk works fine, and you can dilute to be as
>heavy or light as you wish. You blow it through a vaporizer - one of those
> doodads made of two metal tubes.

This is a very cool idea. I don't really know what a vaporizor is though,
forgive my ignorance or where you would get one. Also being in NY I
wonder if it would be a draw for urban wildlife (mice, cockroaches)?
Along with the added plus of keeping those cows off the street...

Miriam Schaer

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