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Re: suitable paper?

Using paper on board for the exterior of a binding can be wonderful - I have
used Canson Mi Teintes imported from the mill in France very successfully
for heavy duty acid-free bindings. It has a wonderful texture and responds
well to being printed and pasted. It also comes in an incomparable range of

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> Date:    Tue, 26 Sep 2000 08:12:22 -0400
> From:    "Peter D. Verheyen" <verheyen@PHILOBIBLON.COM>
> Subject: Re: suitable paper?
> In regards to finding a suitable paper for using on the exterior of a
> binding, my question would be, "what is its intended use?" I.e. something
> which will be handled a lot, a precious edition binding which will sit in
> box... I have some all paper, bradel  (German case) bindings that I
> in Ingres, some in pastepapered permalife..., that I haven't treated in
> special way, i.e sat on shelf, behind shelf, things on top... The paper
> shows rubbing, in some cases worn through at the lower edge, but I also
> have cloth and some leather (very thinly pared tips) bindings with the
> wear characteristics.
> Try out different papers, think about how the book may be used, and chose
> from there. If you're really worried about an indestructable (well almost)
> book, try covering in Tyvek. It can be colored with acrylics in similar
> ways to pastepapers.
> While your at it, make sure the other components of the book are sound
> i.e. sewing; endsheet attachment; linings... It all adds up.
> p.
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