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Re: spray-mount

I assumed that the skim milk reference is for use as a fixative for
pastels and so on and not as an adhesive.  The fixative thread was added
on to the mounting thread.

Regarding the latter, is 3-M positionable mounting adhesive archival?

In terms of vaporizers, I bought mine several years ago from
Colophon.  They are simply a breath operated version of the simple rubber
squeeze bulb operated vaporizer.  I assume that a clean spray bottle such
as those used for Windex will also do.


On Thu, 5 Oct 2000, Miriam Schaer wrote:

So I immedately fascinated by
> Paul Werner's post:
> > Skim milk. Powdered milk works fine, and you can dilute to be as
> >heavy or light as you wish. You blow it through a vaporizer - one of those
> little
> > doodads made of two metal tubes.

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