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Re: Bible

At 12:06 PM 10/6/2000 -0400, Richmond, Bill wrote:
>Would anyone know the approximate range in value for a bible printed in 1583
>and entirely in Latin? I believe it is authentic. Any help or suggestions
>would be appreciated. Thanks.

I bought a bible from 1669 about ten or twelve years ago for only $50
(Canadian -- about $30-odd US). There's nothing overly spectacular about
it, though. It has some nice decorative initials here, and a fairly nice
title page -- which you can see up on my site at...


That's basically it, though -- apart from it's condition, of course, it
really depends those sorts of "extras", such as who did the woodcuts, etc.
(if there are any) -- just being "relatively old" (and post-incunabula
period) isn't always reason enough for something to be worth a fortune, if
they're asking a small fortune for it. But, for example, if it was Hans
Holbein or Albrecht Durer or someone who did the title page and stuff, it
could be a real treasure you've found! Or it might just be an over-priced
trinket if there's really nothing all that special about it -- in which
case the question is, ultimately, how much is it worth to *you*?

Perhaps try a search for "antique bibles" or something on e-bay, actually,
and see what you come up with. You might even find something both nicer and

Ron :)

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