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Alien Invasion

This is the only list I'm on that sends me green messages. I can't speak
for everyone, but I find it most annoying, and I wish people wouldn't do
that. And frankly, from a communication perspective, it doesn't enhance the
message at all but rather detracts from it, it says "the most important
thing about this message isn't the words that are written on it, but the
background colour -- now that you've seen that, feel free to delete me".

And that's just what I do, without even really thinking about it, just
automatically, each and every time I see one of these go by. I have no idea
what I've been missing, other than lots of alienish, snot-green messages.

No offense intended, of course, I just wanted to state that... in black &

Ron ;)

I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate
for two hours instead of one. --Gandhi

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