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Re: Need Help!

>First, I am totally new to this subject (and list), but have searched =
>through the archives and everyone seems so helpful I thought this might =
>be a good place to find help.
>I am wanting to make a small run of hand made screw-bound photo albums =
>(the case only).  All materials must be Acid-Free.  We are wanting to =
>print a color design on the cover, but also need the cover to be able to =
>withstand a lot of wear.
>Does any one have any advice on cover material. Also, are there =
>tools/equipment to help make the case (for small operations)?
>Thanks so much for the help.
>Tina Lee

        The easiest solution I have would be to print the color design on
some heavy paper(i.e. 100lb text).  Then have that paper laminated on one
side - the image side.  The other side (back side) would remain uncoated
and unlaminated.  Once made you can use the one-side laminated paper as you
would any book cloth.

        As an alternative you could reach LBS in Iowa.  They have a cloth
they call DigiTex. It can be printed on by using "digital printing
equipment," such as a Webb press.  They will sell as little as 25 cut
sheets (all the same size) or a 50 yard roll.  There URL is

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