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Soft/Flex Binding of Congressional Records/Fed. Registers

>This request is from someone not on the list so please reply to her
>directly.  She is in the Los Angeles area and has tried Kater Crafts
>Bindery and Millford.  Thanks so much.

>We are looking into possibly having our Congressional Records and Federal
> >>>Registers bound. The two bindery companies that we use don't do soft/flex
> >>>binding.  Are there other companies out there that would do soft/flex
> >>>binding?
> >>>Any help or recomendations will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
> >>>
> >>>Victoria
> >>>
> >>>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> >>>Victoria Williamson
> >>>Reference Librarian
> >>>University of La Verne
> >>>College of Law Library
> >>>1950 Third Street
> >>>La Verne, CA  91750
> >>><http://www.ulv.edu>
> >>>williamv@ulv.edu

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