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varnishing paper?

hi all,

I'm experimenting with varnish over ink-jet printed images on
paper of various thicknesses, & wonder if anyone has any tips
or info on how to get a shellacy-type surface on paper...  any
ideas?  are there mediums I should be trying that are more
appropriate, perfect, et cetera?  varnish, obviously, saturates
the paper & makes it a bit translucent (I like this) & I can't
help thinking I'm missing some obvious & easy way to get that
thick resiny surface I want.  ideally it could be handled & not
be too sticky to touch.

& peter, a belated thanks & KUDOS to all your work on this list -
it really is the best thing about & on the internet I can think of, &
is so appreciated!

christine pichini
tooknap press

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