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Puzzles in Paper: Concepts in Historical Watermarks

Dear Book Arts' members,

The past, present and future of watermarks is examined in Oak Knoll Press's=
latest publication ...


Concepts in Historical Watermarks

edited by Daniel W. Mosser, Michael Saffle
and Ernest W. Sullivan, II


Puzzles in Paper examines the past, present, and future of watermark study=
ranging through the disciplines of art history and conservation,=20
bibliography, musicology, and philately. Watermarks and paper stocks=20
provide evidence to a rich variety of purposes: to determine the dating,=20
chronology, and authenticity of musical and literary composition and=20
artistic production; to conceptualize the printing process of a series of=20
incunabula; and to examine the effects of European politics on the paper=20
supply for early printing in the New World.  These subjects are mentioned=20
as well as essays on the development and application of new technologies=20
for reproduction of watermarks, such as phosphorescence imaging, DYLUX, and=
digital imaging.

The authors of this collection of scholarly essays, which they presented at=
the Roanoke International Conference on Watermarks, as well as the=20
attendees of the conference represent a remarkable assemblage of scientific=
and humanistic expertise: chemists, engineers, experts in digital=20
photography, book dealers and collectors, librarians, literary scholars,=20
cartographers  and historians.

November 2000, hardcover, 8 x 10 inches, 288 pages, illustrated
ISBN: 1-58456-029-0 / Order No. 60421-EM / Price $55.00 or =A334.00

You can order this book at http://www.oakknoll.com/pressrel/puzzles.html

Michael Guessford
Publicity & Marketing Director
Oak Knoll Books (ABAA and ILAB) / Oak Knoll Press / St. Paul's=
310 Delaware Street / New Castle DE 19720
Phone (302) 328-7232 / Toll-free 1-800-996-2556 / Fax (302) 328-7274
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