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A correction on 'Theophrastus', etc.

Maria Blumberg and others:

Sorry, for the mistake in my previous message. Certainly Sulla
(138-78BC) is not 'emperor' but a consul. A great general in war, once
in command, he had himself elected to the office of dictator. What was I
thinking? Perhaps of the near-regal parade of this consul going around
Rome with bodyguard, preceded by 24 lictors, namely those officers
attending him and carrying hatchets surrounded by fasces (=bundles,
'fasciculus'= small bundles ). As a note, I believe 'licator' comes from
'ligare'= to bind up; but I would have to check on that. And I should
have proofread my message (Strabo's complaints in antiquity are still
Rezan Peya Gökçen,

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