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Re: more PVA questions

I'm at the end of a jug of the Gaylord offering. The gallon has been in my
studio for most of a year, certainly over the summer and I didn't experience
any of the mold or spoilage problems discussed for PVA on this list. Maybe
the summers in the east bay area of San Fracisco Bay wouldn't make this
problem come to light though.

I tested the pH of my supply: 7.88 liquid, dry surface tested 6.32.

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind

phone: (510) 537-9711
toll free: (877) 443-7326

>Don't know about "Jade 403" but Gaylord (www.gaylord.com/archival) carries a
>white, neutral pH, PVA  adhesive from Wisdom which they claim is
>non-yellowing, non-brittling, and doesn't discolor paper.

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