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Re: helping a Miracle in Southern California

Dear Judith,

How exciting! I am the site coordinator for the Urban Artists Initiative in
Connecticut.  This is a partnership between the CT Commission on the Arts and
Institute for Community Research.  Our program serves artists in the major
cities of CT i.e. Hartford, New Heaven, Stanford, Bristol and others. Your
endeavor sounds very similar...please contact me to discuss and compare etc.

Thank you
Kathy Parulski
"Judith A. Hoffberg" wrote:

> I am on the Board of a wonderful non-profit organization which has just=20
> moved to downtown Los Angeles and helps artists network and assist each=20
> other in many creative endeavors, as well as having an exhibition=20
> program..  I will be co-curating a project called 6 Degrees: Art in the=20
> Library this coming summer in the LA Public Library system.  But for this=20
> Christmas, this is a project that perhaps you or your friends can=20
> contribute to and help us make something special for us.  Please help or=20
> pass the word around especially if you are in the Southern California area.=
> =20
> With thanks.
>                                  MIRACLE ON MAIN STREET
>                              HOLIDAY PARTY AND FUNDRAISER
> A MIRACLE HAS OCCURRED. Side Street Projects has moved downtown from Santa
> Monica to 4th and Main Street. We are inviting you to participate in our 8th
> annual "Miracle on Main Street" fundraiser to make an =91ornament=92 (we=
>  define
> ornament very loosely) to donate for sale at our holiday party. All=
>  ornaments
> will be sold for $20, regardless of the notoriety of the artist. If you=
>  would
> like to make more than one ornament, you will receive 50% of the purchase
> price in return for each additional ornament sold, or you may donate the
> proceeds to Side Street Projects. "Ornaments" should not be larger than 6" x
> 6" x 6". We also invite you to the opening sale and party, always a
> miraculous, marvelous event, on December 1st from 6:00 =AD 11:00 p.m.
> Side Street Projects (SSP) is a nonprofit arts organization committed to
> social interaction across cultural differences and ideas. We welcome=
>  thinkers
> of the world from across disciplines to challenge existing models. We foster
> developmental activities with artists that cross media and definitions of
> cultural production to help define art of the future. We are dedicated to
> supporting artists in the exhibition and production of their work.
> Located in downtown Los Angeles, California, SSP provides and maintains a
> fully equipped workshop space where local artists can have their work
> fabricated or do the work themselves. The adjacent gallery space is=
>  available
> for artists' projects and installations. The Workroom is available for=
>  rental
> by the hour for artists' workshops, lectures or rehearsals. Side Street
> Projects is a place where artists really work and provides affordable=
>  support
> services to the local arts community.
> Please contact us via e-mail or snail mail by October 20th, 2000, if you=
>  will
> become a part of our miracle by making an ornament, sending the following
> information:
> Name:       _________________________________________________________
> Address:    _________________________________________________________
>              _________________________________________________________
> Phone:      _________________________________________________________
> E-Mail:     _________________________________________________________
> Fax:        _________________________________________________________
> Ornaments will be due at the gallery on or before November 15th, 2000.
> Side Street Projects, 400 S. Main St., Los Angeles, Ca. 90013, (213)=
>  620-8895
> sidest@ix.netcom.com
> Judith A. Hoffberg                         tel.:       (310)399-1146
> Umbrella/Umbrella Editions          fax:       (310)399-5070
> P.O. Box 3640
> Santa Monica CA 90408
> umbrella@ix.netcom.com
> http://colophon.com/journal
> http://www.geocities.com/books2eat/
> Let a smile be your umbrella!
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