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Re: low-$ book by hand/e- ?

There are many ways to answer your question, because you have left out most
of the important information.  How many pages? Is standard letter-size paper
okay?  How many copies of the book do you want to print?  Has the layout (ie
Pagemaker or Quark) been done? Personaly, the layout is more important than
almost anything else. I would rather have a cheap print of a book with great
layout than an expensive book with cheap layout. But, that's just my opinion.

Note: If you haven't already done the layout then you aren't even close to
the actual job of printing a book.

I produce my books with complete independence at, what I believe, is the
lowest cost way of doing it.  This involves an HP 4000 series printer with
duplex and hard drive (material cost is about 3 cents for each  letter-size
page printed both sides.) The output is then hard bound using an Unibind
binding system.  Unibind involves premanufactured covers that has a strip of
hot glue on the inside of the spine. I complete the image of a finely
hardbound book by using hot foil stamping machine to print both the cover and
the spine. The covers cost between $3 and $5 depending on both the size and
type.  Drawbacks are that each book is rather expensive at about $8 - $9 each
for a 300 page book. The system is also restricted to letter-size paper.  The
grand advantage is that costs are restricted to the number of books produced.
The cost for making one book is little different than the cost of making 100
or 1000 books.  I buy the covers, paper, supplies in quantity and am then
able to save that money over an entire range of titles.

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