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Kiwi polish

In answer to an issue I raised about finishing leather on a newly bound
book, Betty Storz said she had seen a posting about a Kiwi polish called
Melatonin which is supposed to work well.
    Local store Kiwi stocks are usually just the standard black, brown, tan,
cordovan, neutral, etc.
    Any clue where to look for it?
    I'm concerned that this leather binding, in use, will color up with
handling and I want to treat it somehow to protect it.  I'm not sure that I
want to use Renaissance wax, but welcome any clues for treating this.  It's
a book-calf from Hewitt, that's a warm reddish chocolate, and since the book
in question is a large one (12 x 15 x 3) I think the inevitable handling it
will get would leave hand-oils on it.  Unless you think it's of general
interest, please reply off List at  cescherm@usa.net


Charles Schermerhorn

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