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Vagellii board shears problem

Hi everyone,

For those of you who have Vagelli board shears, I have a question:

We are awaiting delivery of our shears and the company from whom we are
buying the shears is doubtful that they can get them into the elevators and
into our workroom.  They've asked for dimensions of doorways, etc.

As I understand it, the Vagelli shears top is approximately 53 x 41 and
they are about 31 1/2 inches high.

We currently have a board sheers that is larger than that on the top, but
only 29 inches high in the workroom, so I'm relatively certain we can get
the Vagelli shears in.

Were any of you able to get the Vagelli shears through "normal" size
doorways, or do you have tricks for getting them through doors that might
be difficult?


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