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Re: fountain of youth?

Dorothy is right. Additionally, you have to be careful when you "seal"
the leather. Moisture is important in the leather. If you seal it when
it's dry, whether with wax or oil, it will hasten deterioration. Be sure
the leather has the correct amount of internal moisture when oiling or

Some people have written off oiling leather as bad. A lot depends on how
the leather was tanned. As I recall from my short stay in Northampton
(England--the National Leathersellers' Centre school of tanning), it is
the "fatliquoring" stage when the leather is "lubricated." Perhaps David
Lanning and Jack Thompson can clarify this. My inclination at that time
was to leave fatliquoring out when tanning skins for binding, to improve
the "toolability" of the leather on the book. After tooling it can be
oiled with with BM, Marney's, or a straight mix of lanolin & neatsfoot
oil with no beeswax.


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