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hello all,

i am looking for a machine that will cut stacks of paper as well as matboard
and binders board. previously i worked for a printer and used a guillotine
cutter - i am not interested in this large or expensive a machine, but need
something very accurate (primarily), and also one that will cut large sheets
of paper such as 31"x43". so far the only solution i have come up with - that
looks great, i might add - is a larger-size kutrimmer. i would appreciate any
feedback from those of you who use one. also, i live in the northern
indiana/chicago area and would really like to see one in action before
purchasing, so if anyone is willing to show me i would really appreciate it!

in addition, if anyone knows of any trade shows for this kind of equipment as
well as die cutters and foil stampers i would appreciate that info as well. i
have a retail license so the wholesale arena is preferred. thanks so much.

joya helmuth
south bend, indiana

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