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Re: Vagellii board shears problem

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When we were moving out of our old conservation lab into a temporary space,
the only way to get our Vagelli out was to tear down a wall! It turns out that
when the lab was originally built (and in our new space), the walls were added
after the Vagelli was moved in.

Our (smaller) Jacques did come in on the elevator (but just barely) tipped up
on end (blade perpendicular to the floor).  Once out of the elevator it was
tipped onto its side (blade parallel to the floor) and placed on a dolly and
rolled in through our double doors. As Eric mentioned, we had removed the
blade arm and counterweight, and taped the foot pedal so it couldn't move. The
movers kept wanting to tip it with the blade arm down--which would have been
disastrous for the alignment of the machine. Walk with them every step of the
way from the moment it arrives! They don't understand fragility when something
weighs so much. Make sure there are four movers to manipulate the Jacques into
all its positions -- one at each corner.

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