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I'd like to recommend a small(in size-not in concept) interesting and poetic
installation/exhibition for those of you in the New York City area who are
interested in connections between electronic media (computers) and a mixed
media environment that incorporates sound (drum beats), visual effects (even
the computer "mouse" has been reconfigured) and wonderful "branched" use of
language. To me it seemed like a computer centered but mixed media artists'
book. It's called "Ancient Voices in Cyberspace". You can read a bit about
it at http://www.rpi.edu/~searcp/voices.html. The artist is Patricia Search,
an Asst. Prof. at Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute who apparently has
exhibited widely all over the world. Her press release says"'Ancient Voices
in Cyberspace' explores the aesthetics of narrative, visual images, music,
and action in primitive, aboriginal cultures as a foundation for new
perspectives in human-computer interaction". She's written a very
interesting paper about this that you can pick up at the exhibit. In her
hands the computer screen becomes an uncharacteristically non-sterile
interface/a poetic enabler.  The computer doesn't show you the book-it
becomes the book-but a book that draws in and relates to audio and sensory
effects outside of itself to give you the whole "surrounded" experience. The
gallery is Amos Eno at 59 Franklin St. NYC (1/2 block east of Broadway-a few
blocks south of Canal-near trains N,R, and also A,C,E,6 and1/9). Gallery
hours are Tues-Sat: 11a.m.-6p.m. Ring bell at street level. If you don't
live near NYC or can't come by, her web site gives other contact info. I
just happened to bump into this because it's near my own studio-but thought
some of you might find it both informative very pleasureable and
interesting. It runs through November 8th.  Barbara Valenta

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