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Re: Collotype

It is truly a beautiful process, the control you have on press, ability to
hold detail, and amount of ink you can lay down are very nice.

A few clarifications to Kurt's post if I may.

Collotype was being printed in the US on a commercial scale up until the
early 1990's by Black Box Collotype in Chicago. They were the only printer
left that had presses with automatic feeders, and even so a run of 10K
impressions took at least a very long day and was rarely done. Black Box was
really in the edition printing business and most runs were well under 500.

The equipment from Black Box has been moved to Arizona State University and
Professor James Hajicek and Joe Rheaume are heading up the rebirth of the

Cotswold Collotype may still be in business in the UK, it would interesting
to know.

Gary Hawkey

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